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Protecting forest in Madagascar since 2012

Main activities

Forest Restoration

Link forests fragments in dry and humid forests of Madagascar.

Forest Mapping & Monitoring

Offering high-scale and reliable information of the forests intactness and degradation Madagascar.

Capacity & Network Building

Training of local conservationists on forest restoration, forest mapping and monitoring.

Strengthening the network of forest protection actors at local, national and international level

  • Offer reliable information on forests intactness and degradation in Madagascar
  • Build capacity of stakeholders living near-by forests.
  • Support Malagasy scientific terminology.
  • Develop sustainable tool for forest monitoring.

Manondroala aims to empower the cooperation of civil society and government in forest related decision making in Madagascar.

The National Representative.


Manondroala grew-up as a Malagasy Environmental Conservation.

About Us

Manondroala started as a project, grew-up as an Environmental Conservation Organization legally registered in Madagascar.

The international team has been a constant pillar of support since the beginning of the adventure – over 10 years ago

We are immensely appreciative!

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Antananarivo, 101

A Malagasy Non-Profit Organization for Nature Conservation